Co-Creating Your Universe

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I posted this meme a few days ago :

It wasn’t until the LoL’s and πŸ˜‚ started rolling in that I realized how the importance of, the magnitude of this idea might be lost on some people….as “spiritual mumbo jumbo” at best and heresy at worst.

You are the co-creator of your Universe.

This is your Youniverse!

There. I said it. I’m not the first and I certainly won’t be the last to say it but it’s a fundamental truth about the place we call, “the world” or “the universe” that often goes unacknowledged because we’d so much rather believe that the things that “happen” to us are fluke, random events…or worse, that we are victims of our schedules, circumstance, or of other people’s agendas.

It’s easier to believe that life happens to us.

It’s easier to believe that we’re tiny and inconsequential.

It’s easier to not take responsibility.

I, myself, believed those things for so many years and…for so many years, I was a victim of “my life.”

But “life,” or “reality,” or “the world,” or “the universe,” or “God,” or even “the devil,” didn’t single me out.

It simple gave me back what I was giving it. And because I regarded my life as if I were often a victim I was given opportunities to feel victimized by it:

  • Friends didn’t invite me to go on a weekend getaway; therefore, I was a victim.
  • Didn’t get the job I applied for; therefore, I was a victim.
  • Weighed 370 lbs because I ate crap everyday; therefore, I was a victim.
  • Life “sucked”; therefore, I was a victim.
  • But here’s the uncomfortable truth:
  • The things that “happen” to us actually happen for us.

    It’s a tough cookie to swallow, I know, especially when tragedy strikes but even the most tragic of circumstances bring their own gifts if we can see them.

    I believe, and you’re free to disagree, that on some level, we co-create either through belief/thought/feeling, speech, and action everything that we experience.

    • Afraid of spiders – we see spiders everywhere.
    • Afraid your friends have abandoned you – they have abandoned you.
    • Believe you can’t work out because your body is weak – it’s too weak for exercise.
    • Think the world is against you – it is against you.
    • Believe you are a victim – you are a victim.

    Everything we believe to be true about our lives, and by extension, our world and further, our universe, is true for us because:

  • Energy flows where focus goes.

  • Change your focus and your world changes.

    Or, as Dr. Wayne Dyer famously said:

    “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

    Cease believing that you’re a victim and you open up the space to begin co-creating your life in deep, meaningful, miraculous ways.

    In every set back, every glitch and hiccup…in every circumstance, victory or “failure” there exists an opportunity to grow, if only we have eyes to see it and the capacity to seize it.

    Fail to see the opportunity, fail to seize it, and we do become a victim of our lack of vision.

    Regardless, the choice is our own.

    It is so easy to believe that we’re victims of circumstance because it prevents us for having to take any responsibility for what we are experiencing, what we have experienced, and what we will experience.

    I believe that when we face situations, difficult or easy, it’s because they contain lessons that we’re meant to learn and grow from. …Lessons that we might only be able to learn – about this place and about our place in it – through the experience of that situation.

    Fail to learn the lesson and we will keep experiencing it until we do.

    • Abusive relationships
    • Self-inflected poor health
    • Addiction
    • Bad grades
    • “Constant” disappointments
    • Unmet unrealistic expectations of others

    Sometimes we learn the lesson quickly, having created the circumstance around it and move on all the wiser for it and sometimes…we don’t – thus re-creating the circumstance over and over and over until we get it (or we don’t.)

    This is why some people can experience one abusive relationship, learn the lesson from it and never have to deal with it again and others keep attracting abusive relationships into their lives one after another because they never realize that they deserve more or can have better – or worse, they believe that they simply deserve the abuse.

    “Ok, so I’m going to start co-creating my universe.”

    That’s fantastic! However, it doesn’t mean that you’ll never experience “bad” things again. What it means is that you’ll never be victimized by them again.

    It means that you’ll seek the lesson in the best of times and in the most trying of times rather than blaming it on outside circumstance because again, on some level, everything we experience in our lives, we’ve attracted into our lives – either by fearing it, or loving it, believing in it or disbelieving in it, or working hard for it, or being handed it…

    And if that’s too hard a pill to swallow, you can always take Job’s approach and concede God’s infinite wisdom and praise him in the storm.

    Co-creating means that we seek out the opportunities rather than the obstacles.

    Co-creating means recognizing that every obstacle is actually an opportunity. The obstacle is the path.

    Co-creating means that we trust Source/God/Divine/the Universe AND that we trust in ourselves.

    And if you’re an atheist, it simply means that you begin trusting deeply in yourself.

    Co-creating means that we are active participants in our lives rather than passive bystanders.

    Co-creating means we raise our fists definitely in the face of our fears and scream, “watch me do this anyway!”

    Co-creating means that we use our imaginations again, as when we were once children, and dream BIG.

    And it means pursuing those dreams even if they seem far fetched.

    Because for every locked door, there’s a key.

    It’s so easy to live a life of mediocrity. Millions and more of us do it everyday. It requires so little effort. But we were born and fearfully made for wonderful things. Embrace your birthright and create an amazing life. The only person standing in your way is yourself.

    And remember this:

    God/Source/the Universe responds to who we are, not what we want.

    Vibe High!

    Om, Baby! Om,

    Joshua Taylor

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